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Petrotesting continues to expand its range of premium services that is capable of providing to the Oil and Gas industry with the successful development of drill pipe hardbanding.  The advantage of hardbanding is that it protects and extends the life of costly drill pipe and tool joint material from the wear associated with rotational and axial friction forces while drilling and tripping in and out of a well.

Petrotesting has unique robotic capabilities which deposit a precise, consistent and premium quality weld that meets all customer specifications and requirements . Petrotesting has an extensive range of hard banding products that it is capable of applying which includes :

- Arnco 100XT
- Arnco 150XT
- Arnco 300XT
- Arnco 350XT

We Hardband:

Drill Collar
    Drill Pipe
    Heavyweight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

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